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Fithaus is, as you can tell, is a fitness company bringing fitness to the people. They wanted a landing page where they can give their information out to people when they are looking for a trainer and they wanted to highlight what each trainers strengths.

Problem statement

The company wanted to have a better presence in the digital world. They did not have a website nor a way for people to know who they are.

Key issues

  • No website
  • No documentation
  • No branding


1 .


Designed a website to show off there branding and team.

2 .


Made documentation about there workouts.

3 .

Printable content

Created content for pamphlets and posters to distribute.

What we provided


Created a state of the art website that highlighted their services and information.

Graphic design

Created icons for the site and UI mockups on how the site and what the printable content would look like.

Digital branding

Orchestrated the connection and branding between the blog posts and the social media campaigns.

The Results

More visibility

Break down how this solution solved the problem


Increase in organic search


Increase in total site traffic

More Sales

Exposing them into condo buildings helped increase views and conversions.


Increase in sales revenue


Increase in conversion

This is an example of a modal

Also made their printable Graphic design.

Down below you will see the digital and printable pantalets for their future customers.

Also made their landing page responsive for Desktop Tablet and Mobile devices.

This is what we do

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