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This client is responsible for signing up people to the best health insurance plan. They help people understand health insurance and the ins and outs on how to pick the best plan for them.

Problem statement

This client wanted to be more visible to the public. The decrease in business and client retention has dropped dramatically and they needed a better avenue to display their business and what they do.

Key issues

  • No website
  • No social media
  • No social media campaign
  • No logo
  • No brand
  • No digital presence


1 .


With a website describing to there future clientele, it will be easier to obtain clients.

2 .

Social Media campaign

Creating a social media campaign that educates users the ins and outs of health insurance.

3 .

SEO optimization

Scavenging the web for the best keywords to inject into the website to increase web traffic.

4 .

Digital campaign

Connecting and orchestrating website post with social media content. Increasing more website visibility.

5 .


Creating a brand for this company helped users better identify who and what this company does.

What we provided


Created a state of the art website that highlighted their services and information.


Created multiple versions of the logo that displays nicely in multiple colored backgrounds.

Graphic design

Created icons for the site and UI mockups on how the site and the social media content would look like.

Social Media branding

Designed, curated and managed the content that will be displayed on their social media pages.

Website maintenance

Managed the plugins, libraries and hosting of the website to make sure it was running smoothly with no issues.

Digital branding

Orchestrated the connection and branding between the blog posts and the social media campaigns.

The Results

More Visibility

Creating the site and including the SEO optimization definitely helped.


Increase in organic search


Increase in page visits

More Conversions

Having educational content to help users understand health insurance increased value in the client.


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in organic sales

More Interacting

Social media post that linked to blog content and educational carousels.


Increase in impressions


Increase in activity

This is what we do

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